Mission & Philosophy


Enhance the physical, social and emotional development of our swimmers through 
participation in synchronized swimming as a team sport within the provincial stream.
Develop programs to meet the needs of swimmers with varied levels of ability and


Recreational Program:

  1. Train a stream of potential swimmers for possible progression to the competitive program
  2. Operate a profit based program to subsidize the competitive program
  3. Provide a training ground for future competitive coaches.
  4. Strive to provide cost effective and affordable programs.

Competitive Program:

  1. Maximize the development of competitive synchronized swimmers while considering limitation of club resources, and outside competitive rulings.
  2. Increase technical skills through mandatory extra figures as determined by the Head Coach.
  3. Ensure development of teamwork, discipline, respect and sportsmanship for swimmers and coaches.
  4. Develop leadership skills in our swimmers for long term coaching potential.
  5. Strive to provide cost effective and affordable programs