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Outstanding Performances at East Regionals!

posted Mar 2, 2018, 12:29 PM by Nepean Synchro

Nepean Synchro had a fantastic weekend at East Regionals, Feb 24-25, 2018, with 26 top 6 placings in team, extra routines and figures across all age groups!

Highlights include:

Gold               AWD Sadie solo and figures
                        10 U team TGK
                        13-15 team TLE, duet DKN
                        16-20 team TJB free and tech

Silver              13-15 figures Chloe G
                        16-20 duet DEC, solo Madisyn S
                        Combo team

Bronze           11-12 team TVE, solo Sally R
                        13-15 team TIE, duet DGK
                        16-20 duet DBM, solo Amelia B


10U teams         TGK with coaches Gillian and Kassia                                        11-12 solos        Sally coached by Bridget Moore
                            TMR with coaches Mary-Beth and Rachel                                                           Katerina coached by Vanessa Graham


11-12 team TIL coached by Isabelle and Lindsay                            13-15 duet Evelyn and Sarah, coached by Gillian King


13-15 team TGL coached by Greer and Lauren                           16-20 duets       Caitlyn and Natasha, coached by Elly Cross
Cassandra and Renée, coached by Bridget Moore