Program Overviews

Recreational Program

Within the recreational program, swimmers will learn about the FUNdamentals of synchro and sport. Beginner synchronized swimmers (from six to 15 years old) will develop comfort in the water, basic sculling skills, and basic synchro positions, with continued skill development as their experience and team levels increase. Swimmers will be taught a routine, based on their team’s ability and skill and perform it at the year-end watershow.

Our recreational stream has a very promising progression, starting with the introduction of basic synchro skills in Synchro Squirts, for swimmers aged six to eight, and progressing with more advanced skills through to Level 4. We also offer further opportunities to advance through possible invitations to try out for our Competitive Program and Novice Program. 

Novice Program

Novice Program swimmers (ages 13+) are recommended for try-outs by the Recreational Program coaching team. The novice program provides opportunities for swimmers to participate to swim with an increased level of dedication and skill. It offers twice weekly practices, the ability to pre-swim at competitive meets hosted by our club, and opportunities to compete at the novice level. Swimmers are required to sign a Novice Program Commitment Agreement, which outlines the increased level of commitment and expectations of swimming on these teams.

Competitive Program

Typically, at Nepean Synchro, progression to the competitive program is between nine and 11 years of age. Given the competitive synchronized swimming structure in Ontario, it is difficult for swimmers who older than eleven years of age to enter the competitive stream.  Such girls would be competing against swimmers, who have been in competitive synchro for several years with much higher skill levels and experience.

Competitive swimmers are at the pool multiple times per week, and compete in both figures (individually), and in routine (team). They enter competitions, at the Head Coach’s discretion, throughout the season, travelling within Ontario.

Please visit our Competitive page, or our Recreational & Novice page or more details. We look forward to seeing you at the pool!