Synchro 101

The Basics of Synchro!

The general population understands synchronized swimming as a team sport, a notion largely influenced by the Olympics. However leading up to such high-level athletics, swimmers need to learn the FUNdamentals of the sport individually, as well as swim a routine with teammates.

Figures is an individual component of synchronized swimming that is done in a very precise, controlled manner. Imagine a ballet dancer performing a twirl. The figures chosen are based on your swimmer’s “synchro age” (explained later). These figures are decided by Synchro Ontario, and aim to instill controlled movement by synchro athletes.

Routine is the team component of synchronized swimming that is done in small patterns across the pool to music. The deck “dancing” and arm movements are choreographed to portray the music’s theme. Leg movements are included to heighten difficulty, while swimmers continue to hear the music underwater. Routines are choreographed by the coach with inspiring input from swimmers!

“Synchro Age” is a term that does not necessarily represent a swimmer’s true, current age, but rather a swimmer’s age on December 31st of the competition season. For the 2017-2018 season, “synchro age” is a swimmer’s age by December 31, 2018, which then determines the figures she will compete. Additionally, the synchro ages of all swimmers on a team are averaged to determine the team's routine synchro age. 

The Year End Watershow is a highlight event of the season when our recreational, novice, and competitive athletes swim their routines for an audience of families, friends and clubmates. We love having this opportunity to showcase the hard work and dedication of our recreational, novice, and competitive swimmers throughout the season.

Getting Ready for the Watershow