A SWIMMER's PERSPECTIVE - Greer Gemin, one of our swimmers and coaches, provides her perspective on synchronized swimming in this article.

Synchronized swimming is an incredible but often misunderstood sport. The idea behind this article was to get a swimmer’s perspective on synchro, and to tell the story of sport from a different angle than just results; including all aspects of synchro life, from coaching to swimming to competition. In this article, I tell my own “synchro story” up until now, and talk a little bit about what Nepean is up to at the moment…(link to article)

A SWIMMER’S PERSPECTIVE – Lily Dong, one of our swimmers and rec coaches, provides her perspective on her years swimming with Nepean Synchro at our year end banquet.

Synchronized swimming is... hard to describe. You can say it's powerful, graceful, artistic, strong, challenging, but you can never really understand the essence of the sport without experiencing it. To others, it appears, or at least we try to make it appear, effortlessly impressive, but there is so much more that lies behind the surface, literally and figuratively…(link to speech)